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How to Respond to a Scam Email


I've been receiving so many scam emails as of late that I composed a special email response to use each time. Now I just reply to the email with this message and I never hear back from that person again. Why send a reply? On the off chance that someone sending a suspicious sounding email is legitimately interested in my art. Hopefully, this message will get around to the circle of scammers and I won't hear from any of them again.

Feel free to adapt and use this message whenever you get a scam email.

Your email has been flagged as suspicious for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. references to artwork not created by Anima

  2. the structure and wording of the email matches those used for fraud

  3. request to use private shipping company

  4. request to pay in either a Certified Cheque or Bank Transfer

  5. request for prices on artwork when all prices are already available at
Please note that Art by Anima will not ship any artwork until the payment has cleared the issuing bank. This often takes 4 weeks or more. There are no exceptions to this policy. Art by Anima will only accept payment in the exact amount of the artwork purchased. We will not reimburse a third party including a shipping company for any monies paid in addition to the price of the artwork.

If you have received this message in error we sincerely apologize. Just reply to this message and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate individual at Art by Anima.

Thank you,
Email Administrator
Art by Anima

June 4, 2007 Update: This email response has been working brilliantly. I haven't received any scam emails since May 8th. Hopefully, it stays that way, but I'll let you know if I receive another one.