Anima McKertcher

The Dreaming Garden

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Home Spa


If you're looking for instructions on how to install a sunken bath tub this is not the article for you. I'm talking about giving your bathroom the look of a home spa retreat with a few decorating touches. Let's begin the transformation!

The Foundation

Start with warm, soothing colors to set the tone for your home oasis. Try borrowing your color scheme from our natural environment. There are so many great elements to work with. Visualize the grains and colors from trees like cherry, walnut, cedar and oak. Imagine the look and texture of stones like granite, onyx, slate and limestone. Whatever palette inspires you, relaxes you, go for it! Once you've selected the colors that suite your personality use them for your walls, shower curtain, window coverings, and floor mats.

The Details

1. Plants. Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors in - especially when you don't have French doors in your bathroom with a view of the park. Choose lush, leafy plants that bring the tropics to mind or elegant, darkly colored plants for a Japanese garden feel.

2. Towels. And lots and lots of towels. Stack them on the side of the tub. Fold a few beside your sink. Roll them up and stick them in a basket. You can use many different sizes of towels but it's best to stick to only one or two colors. I prefer white. It looks fresh and clean and goes with any of your other colors. Plus, since white towels are regularly used in hotels and spas it gives your bathroom an authentic and professional feel. And while you're at it, buy yourself a fluffy robe. It's a great way to end a long, hot bubble bath.

3. Glass. Practical, economical and beautiful. You can keep your cotton balls and cotton swabs in glass jars. Fill glass bowls and vases with stones, bath beads, rice or fresh flowers.

4. Soap. It's not just plain old bar soap anymore! Today, soaps come in so many forms: oils, gels, beads. They're fragrant, colorful, functional and an easy way to accessorize your bathroom.

5. Candles. Ambiance and aroma are a couple of the benefits you get from a few well placed candles. With different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances you can create a cozy and unique environment.

6. Fountain. The sound of flowing water can take you away to tranquility like few other things. Consider incorporating a simple water feature into your bathroom.

7. Art. Now that you've gone this far, don't forget about your bare walls! Hang one or two paintings that highlight your color palette and enhance your spa theme. Exotic paintings that feature women, plants and or water work really well for this.

A few of these simple steps will transform your bathroom into a soothing oasis. All you need now is an aesthetician to give you a facial before you soak in your tub. Happy relaxing!