Anima McKertcher

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The Night Oil Pastel Paint Stained Your Carpet


It’s Friday at 5:55 pm. You’re bustling around the kitchen cooking supper when you see your husband pointing to a dark burgundy streak on the cream colored ceramic tile. And your heart sinks. Then he points to another one and another one and burgundy spots all over your pale cream living room carpet. And you just cannot believe this is happening!

This is what happened to me a few weeks ago. Apparently a tiny piece of oil pastel got stuck on the bottom of my husband’s foot. And, since he is almost constantly in motion, he tracked it all over the place.

Maybe you’ve experienced a similar sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach? If so read on. If not, read on – your day will come.

Getting the oil pastel paint off the ceramic tile only required soap, water, and a little scrubbing. Getting the oil pastel paint out of the carpet, though, was something else altogether. So how can you get it out? Read the post You Got Oil Pastel Paint on Your Carpet! What Do You Do? to find out.