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Passionate Floral and Still Life Paintings by Lisa Ernst

Lisa Ernst Passionate Floral Paintings

Artwork (with permission from the artist):
Night Blooming Cereus
20" x 16"
Acrylic on Canvas

A couple weeks ago while wandering through an online art directory, I stumbled across an amazing find: some of the most beautiful floral paintings I've ever seen.

Lisa Ernst creates what she calls Passionate Floral and Still Life Paintings. Her work is large in scale, vivid, bold and colorful. I've been irresistible drawn to her site several more times since.

Flowers, leaves and vines have always been inspirational to me and I've featured them in several of my paintings including Efflorescence.

This summer, I'm trying to keep my digital camera with me so I can take reference photos of the beautiful plants and flowers I see in my neighbourhood. Hopefully I can incorporate these images into some of my new exotic fantasy paintings (I currently have over 50 planned). Other than a beautiful woman, nothing's more gorgeous than a luscious flower petal.